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Why are you running for office?

I care about Mapleton and what happens to it, I’d like to see additional business minds on the council, and I’m trying to show my kids and their friends that being part of the democratic process is important. Although running for office is very uncomfortable for me, I feel it’s a worthwhile endeavor. I quote often a saying from Gandhi, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”


What attracts you to this role? What makes you different?

I want to continue to safeguard the city as a great place for residents to flourish. I hope to preserve the ‘look and feel’ of present Mapleton for generations to come. Most of us are here for the rural and neighborly feel that abounds in Mapleton. Let’s keep that. To do that we have tough challenges to address. I approach all issues from a business mindset looking at the pros and cons and gathering as much data as possible before making a final decision.


Do you believe the members of the city council are representing the wishes of the constituents for the future of the city? Current members?

That’s a tricky statement to answer in general terms. Yes, in most cases.


What is your position on land development in Mapleton? Especially toward high density and multi-family residential development?

I’m all about responsible growth and adhering to the zoning restrictions currently in place. I don’t agree with the continual reduction in lot sizes. I’m alarmed at the pace at which this happens. There are several areas zoned for multi-family residential and those are the locations we should develop for those purposes.


What was your position on the issue a few years back with The Preserve development?

I support the Preserve as being developed into the larger lots that were originally slated for that development (72 I believe). As far as I know, the owner that recently purchased the property will be honoring that plan.


What is your position on commercial growth in Mapleton?

I support the right kind of commercial growth in Mapleton that would complement what is already established along Hwy 89. This would include small tech companies, service companies, and some (minimal) retail.  We definitely don’t want industrial or manufacturing entities moving in. We need more commercial revenue to offset taxes (we are the highest in the county) but our roads can’t support significant increases in traffic. We start recruiting companies to come to Mapleton by talking to some of the many business owners that reside in our city.


Are there any changes you’d like to see to the “Future Land Use Map” on page 8 of the city’s planned development document?

Not really.  I think it’s a good plan, the trick is sticking to it. The only change I’d like to see is the city raising private funds from individuals with substantial resources to purchase more tracts of land to preserve more open space. The city doesn’t have the revenue to do this kind of thing without help, especially at the real estate values today. Those with resources are rarely asked to help. That is a much bigger initiative but one I think could become a reality.


How will you help with affordable housing yet preserve the look and feel of Mapleton?

I think the main strategy is to adhere to the zoning land use plan currently in place and work with more developers that LIVE in the same city they are developing. That encourages growth from a responsible and manageable perspective. Additionally, we need to make it easier to build accessory apartments. That process is much too complicated right now. Those units are great as affordable alternative housing with the benefits of country living.


What are your plans to address the water challenges in Mapleton’s experiences?

  1. On this issue, I don’t have all the answers. I could inundate you with facts and figures but that doesn’t help. However, I know we need to talk about future projected needs for our city and whether our reserves can handle those demands. We have access to multiple water sources, a reservoir, and large tank facilities throughout the city. As the drought continues, I think it is important we look at the realities and have the conversations needed to change.
  2. I would also like to see the entire city with access to secondary water. Currently half of Mapleton enjoys this benefit but not the southern half. It feels so much better to water our lawns and flowers with irrigation water vs. culinary water. I understand this is a budgetary issue but I believe we can think outside the box and develop some solutions.


What are the safety issues you see regarding some of the roads in Mapleton and how do you plan to address those issues?

Again, I could inundate you with facts and figures but that doesn’t help. There are several streets in Mapleton, including south Main street and 1600 south that I’m concerned about. These streets are heavily trafficked by pedestrians of all ages. Kids and teens use these roads frequently. I’m concerned that someone is going to get hurt because there is very little shoulder and no sidewalk in some of these areas. Are there challenges involved with making these roads safer? Yes! For example, some of these roads are owned by the state and not the city. Additionally, widening these roads would require the use of some private property in front of citizens’ homes. These are not easy discussions but crucial conversations we need to have and solutions we can work out on a case-by-case basis. Your support in keeping kids safe on Mapleton roads is greatly appreciated.


Do you feel that the government needs more power/control or less power/control?

I feel the government needs less control. People are capable of running their own lives with certain regulations in place.


Are you for or against forcing the COVID-19 vaccine on all eligible citizens?



Would you work to fund or defund our law enforcement if given the option?



Are you in favor of Ranked Choice Voting in Utah?

I am indifferent.


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