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Mapleton is a great city. Emily and I, along with our four kids, have loved the last eight and a half years living here. Growing up in the farm country of Nibley, UT (near Logan) I learned the value of hard work, community, and friendship. It was these qualities that attracted me to Mapleton, the UT county version of Nibley. It’s the perfect place to call home. 


As a business owner, operating lean and efficiently is imperative. Enterprises benefit when visions are streamlined, resources are optimized, and data is utilized in decision making. Our beloved city, Mapleton, is no different, especially as we manage growth. It’s coming whether we like it or not. How we lay the foundation for growth now will affect our city for generations to come. Let’s do it right! 


I’m running for city council, not as a politician but as a business leader interested in laying that foundation and corresponding support systems to address growth in a strategic manner that helps preserve the ‘look and feel’ of Mapleton. 

My father used to say, “Take part in your community, don’t just watch from the sidelines,” so here I am. Road safety, water challenges, and diversifying income sources for Mapleton are important topics related to growth on which we can work together. 

I believe in creating win-win solutions.  If this appeals to you, I am your candidate and will work hard to earn your trust and vote. 

Contact me with any questions.