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“I believe that Mapleton is one of the best places to raise a family, and am a true advocate for this city. As one of AJ’s neighbors, I have come to respect and look to him for timely opinions and reliable ideas. He is honest and I can see him listening to all options before he articulates the best long-term solution. AJ has great leadership experience and seems to always put others’ needs first. He is one that I will support and look forward as he explores ways to make this great community even better.”

Rep. Francis Gibson

“A.J. is a class act. I have been in Mapleton for over 20 years and have known AJ for over 10 years, I feel he’s qualified to make the tough choices that face the residents of Mapleton. It won’t always be easy to strike the balance between farmland and development, especially as personal property rights are on the line, but A.J. will assess all angles and make the best decision. I endorse him as City Council member for Mapleton.”

Auston Belka


“As a longtime resident of Mapleton (88 years), and formal council member myself, I’ve seen lots of change. I feel A.J. is well equipped to handle growth and street safety in a manner that aligns with my values. A.J. for City Council!”

Collin Allan

“Having run for city council in the past, I know the misery the electoral process induces, and A.J. is it for the right reasons. I endorse A.J. as a strong candidate to safeguard our city and stand up for causes that will maintain the ‘look and feel’ of small-town Mapleton for years to come, while recognizing the realities of growth Mapleton faces. We need candidates with business expertise to take us into the future.” 

Adam Fife

Sharee Killpack

“I am proud to support AJ Rounds in his run for City Council. I admire AJ for wanting to get involved and actually putting his money where his mouth is. So many people like to ‘talk the talk’. But it appears, AJ is willing to ‘walk the walk’. As a Planning Commissioner I see so often so many people complaining or wanting change, but aren’t willing to actually show up to make it happen. I appreciate those willing to donate their precious time to their community to do their part to improve and continue the legacy Mapleton has, that draws us all here wanting to raise our families and enjoy a beautiful quality of life. Taking time away from family and work and freetime perhaps is not always what would be the easiest way, but some are willing to sacrifice for the greater good, and as AJ put in his bio, to teach his kids about civic duty and hard work. I love that. AJ has also been successful in business and has always a huge support to me and my business. He is kind, friendly and a respected individual and the kind of guy you want making solid and sometimes difficult decisions that will affect our town for generations to come. I look forward to a new perspective and a fresh voice as we strive to keep Mapleton a place we are all proud to call home.”

Sharee Killpack